Are vaccines really this controversial?

Wow! The media, facebook and twitter are burning up about the measles vaccine right now! I was pretty determined not to weigh in on it because there is so much talk already but after reading multiple facebook postings on my personal page last night that were so aggressive it was shocking, I decided to give


Would you pay for a healthcare coach?

Suppose you had a medical condition that caused you or a loved one a lot of trouble? Perhaps it is uncontrolled diabetes, alzheimer’s disease, congestive heart failure, cancer, multiple schlerosis, cerbral palsy, schizophrenia or some other challenging condition. Imagine that you got the diagnosis, saw your doc, maybe got some medications and a script for

You catch more flies with honey than vinegar: what the patient can do to get the best medical care.

This is a really old and kind of cheesy bit of wisdom. Let me repeat it though: You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. I tell my clients this pretty frequently surprisingly. I think people are so used to being assertive (or even aggressive) in their work lives that they don’t think about how

Is it time to divorce your doctor?

If you have been seeing a doctor who just doesn’t seem to measure up these days it may be time to break up and find someone new. This can be hard to do because we feel some degree of comfort with what is old and familiar but when we start to doubt this doctor is

Combining alternative and traditional medicine

Can the East and West live in peace?  I am talking about eastern and western medicine philosophies here. At first glance they may seem at odds with each other. Western medicine is focused on healing illness once it is established using medications, surgeries, therapies, etc. Eastern medicine focuses traditionally on prevention and using “natural” items

Is access to mental health care in the U.S. adequate?

To answer my own question, nope. No way. Not even close. If you have heart disease and you need treatment, if you have insurance of any kind for the most part your care will be paid for. You may have some basic copays and a deductible, but most of your care is covered. Office visits,

My mother's healthcare advocates: It takes a team!

business law research papers y 93 year old mother who is amazingly healthy considering her age fell recently and fractured her 2nd hip. She was about 250 miles from home at the time with my brother and sister in law. Needless to say this was a complicated situation. Her home, majority of her family and

Funny but true and oh so healthcare related.

A son of mine who shall remain nameless to protect his identity (smile) was in need of healthcare a few years back. My son was not the kind of kid to get in trouble or do things that were especially stupid.  Spring of his senior year of high school though, I got a call from

October 2013….a big month for controversial healthcare!

Unless you have been out of the country the last few months you can’t help but know about the Affordable Care Act going live for the insurance marketplace today at And as it opened, the American government closed because of this law. Wow!  By the way, on this date health insurance has not changed

Is the talk about looming healthcare changes making you crazy?

If so, me too. There are changes coming very soon. For some of us they will be huge and for others fairly small. How do you know how these changes impact you and your family? Take time to get as educated as you can about the changes. Two good informational sites are and AARP’s



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