If you were injured in an auto accident and could hire an advocate, someone to help you get through the challenges of pain, surgery, treatments, financial concerns, legal issues, rehabilitation, home modifications and equipment, employment changes and more and if you qualify it wouldn’t cost you anything at all, what would you think? In Michigan, you can! Included in your unlimited medical benefits for treatment and rehabilitation is case management services. Abraham Advocates for Healthcare provides high quality, compassionate and respectful advocacy for people with significant or multiple problematic injuries suffered in auto accidents. We have been doing so since 2000 with integrity, honesty and care. Some things to consider:

  • You don’t always  have to have your own automobile insurance  to qualify. We can help you find out if you qualify even if you were told you don’t.
  • Auto insurance pays 100% of the case manager’s fees if you qualify for the service.
  • Our case manager helps you make sound decisions about your medical care and rehabilitation enabling you to recover more quickly and more comfortably.
  • Our case manager will not direct your care. YOUR decisions along with your chosen providers are always respected by our team.
  • While we are not attorneys, our case managers know a great deal about your rights and benefits under Michigan’s No Fault Laws (100% paid attendant care, household services, transportation, home modifications and equipment, wage replacement)
  • Our case managers can refer you to excellent medical, rehabilitation, vocational, legal and other providers.
  • Our auto injury case managers are registered nurses with strong backgrounds in medical treatment.
  • Getting the right care the first time  with one of our case manager’s assistance may help you avoid a lengthier, potentially more painful, complicated or problematic recovery.
  • Our case managers have integrity and work only with other providers who do as well.
  • Having a case manager may improve the chances that your benefits are paid because we provide adjusters information needed to pay the bills.
  • Our case managers will do everything we can to protect your legitimate, physician ordered benefits while you recover from your injuries.
  • We do not accept referrals from insurance companies as we feel this is a conflict of interest that interferes with our ability to truly represent our clients like you.
  • You have the right to choose all your medical providers including your case manager. You can hire or fire any of us at any time.
  • Our case managers support only honest claims.

Contact us at info@abrahamadvocates.com or (248) 930-9155. We will be happy to answer any questions you have even if you don’t hire us in the end. There is no cost to talk to us.

The only good things about being injured in an auto accident in Michigan are you have unlimited medical benefits for reasonable care and you can have the assistance of a professional medical case manager advocate if you qualify! Contact us. We can help.

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