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Operating a medical practice is extremely challenging these days as you know. Abraham Advocates for Healthcare, LC, may be able to make things easier. We offer:

Billable Case Management Services

Medicare and some health care insurance providers now reimburse physician’s offices for one-time case management services for specific patients. Abraham Advocates for Healthcare, LC, is available on a contract basis to provide one-time billable professional case management services to your patients in a collaborative way. Case managers have been facilitating care successfully for many years in auto and worker’s compensation cases and this experience can now benefit all those in need. This service can greatly enhance your practice by:

  1. Limiting phone calls to you and your busy staff for patient questions that can be addressed by the experienced and knowledgeable advocate and be billed.
  2. Provide coordination of care and better compliance leading to successful treatment outcomes for your patients.
  3. Provide information and resources that allow you to provide comprehensive care to your patients.

Contact us today to discuss this billable service that can enhance your busy practice!

Additionally, we are happy to discuss complicated client issues with you and make recommendations for community resources, financial assistance, referrals, etc., to help even if we aren’t involved directly. Contact us. Let us know how and when we can best contact you.

We are ready to take referrals from you to assist appropriate clients with their healthcare needs. Consider referring clients to us who may benefit from the types of services we offer. Services other than the one time billable case management services are private pay at this time except for those covered by Michigan auto insurance.  The peace of mind and potential cost savings for patients and their loved ones though makes this a great value.

To make a referral, please contact us at (248) 930-9155 or at



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